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HbCC/HbW Group Riding FAQs

How much does it cost...where do I register?

The club is only $10!  You can & you must register for the club at EVERY YEAR in order to participate in our weekly group & ad hoc rides.  Donations on the registration site above are always welcome

How do I prep & pack for a group ride?

Good question!  There's a handy dandy list here.  It includes must haves to nice to haves and everything in between.

But always carry an ID, Medical Insurance card, cell phone, water, spare tube & CO2 cartridge (or pump). Unless otherwise noted rides do NOT have planned rest stops.

Where does HbCC & HbW ride?

-We ride out of Summit, Cranford, Madison & the surrounding area.  

-See ride calendar here & the seasonal weekly ride schedule here.

-Exact routes/ride details are published on Hb Women or Hb Cycle Club Facebook page(s) about 24 hours in advance.

-Rides leave ON TIME.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to park & pump tires & do your hair in the perfect ponytail ladies!

*HbW rides are women only.

*HbCC rides are co-ed.

Does the ride schedule change with the Weather? Seasons? Holidays?

A new schedule will be posted for spring/summer/fall.  Winter is ad-hoc depending on the weather.  Rides do not operate on holiday weekends unless posted on Facebook by ride leader.

In case of inclement weather, ride leaders determine if ride will proceed. Updates will be published on Hb Women or Hb Cycle Club Facebook pages. CHECK BEFORE YOU GO!

What are the group ride levels offered?

-Ride levels and guidelines are here, speed, distances & elevation estimates information can be found here.

-You can download (to "Ride With GPS" App) or print the route/cue sheets from the FB posts for each specific ride– cue sheets will NOT be provided.

-Unless otherwise noted, rides (except A) are ‘no-drop’.

-A-C rides require road bike. D-E rides hybrid friendly.

HbCC Group Ride Guidelines & Etiquette


Membership Sign Up

  • Club membership is $10.  You must register every year before joining any rides.

  • 2021 registration URL:


Facebook Group Notifications

  • Default setting is “Highlights” so you may miss important posts!

  • Stay updated by enabling notifications for All Posts on the HbCC / HbW page.


Routes & Ride Levels:

  • Routes will be posted on Facebook 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled ride.  Download to a GPS device if possible, or carry a cue sheet of the route.

  • All rides will be assigned ride levels. Become familiar with ride levels, average speeds, and demands of the ride before you participate.

  • Do not select a ride that is beyond your ability.

    • If you are uncertain about your ability, make an estimate, and then choose one level lower for your first group ride to protect you from getting into a stressful situation.

  • No-drop rides may regroup several times during the ride.  The leader will make the group aware of meeting points during the ride.

  • On a drop ride it is possible to be left solo. Know the route or the way back to the start point.


Start Time & Cancellations:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start time.  Rides depart on time!

  • Ride leader will post cancellations on Facebook.

  • Rides may be cancelled due to weather, temperature, or ride leader emergency. Always check Facebook for cancellations before the ride.


Equipment and Club Requirements:

  • All riders must wear a helmet.

  • Check the condition of your bike, tires, and brakes before each ride.

  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated before every ride!

  • Club members only on Hb group rides.  Non-members will need to sign up on- site in order to participate in any club activities.

  • You may not use aero bars at any time during group rides.

  • No headphones during the rides, no exceptions!

  • Carry cell phone, ID, medical insurance card and a small amount of cash.

  • Carry flat changing tools, a pump or co2 and be prepared to repair the tire on your own if necessary.

  • Front and rear flashing lights are necessary for safety.

    • Ensure lights have fresh batteries or have been recently charged before the ride.

    • For long rides, bring backup lights, additional batteries, or a means to recharge your lights.

  • Carry water and food for the ride.  Longer rides may stop for supplies as conditions demand.



  • Be predictable. Hold a steady line as you ride, and signal any changes in your line or speed to others in the group.

  • Stop at all red lights and do not advance until the change to green.  Stay to the right side of the road during a stop and don’t block motor vehicles behind.

  • Full stop at all stop signs.

  • Use arm signals AND vocal announcements to indicate turning or stopping.

  • Do not overlap wheels with the rider in front of you.  

  • Signal and Announce hazards.

  • Do not swerve around unexpected hazards, as this creates unpredictable reactions behind you.

  • Call out motor vehicles approaching from the back. Do not assume the rider in front of you heard the rider behind you -- YOU call it out also.

  • Call out motor vehicles entering the roadway at intersections or driveways to your right or left.

  • Never ride on the wrong side of the yellow line.

  • Always inform the ride leader if you are leaving the ride early.

  • Please inform the ride leader of any crashes or injuries.

    • Step off the bike for an assessment of yourself and your equipment.

    • Stay to the side of the road during this assessment.

    • Always confirm the working order of your shifters and brakes before remounting your bike.

  • Ride as far to the right as is safe and practical.

  • Never ride more than two abreast and single up when motor vehicle traffic is present to avoid obstructing traffic.

    • Always ride single file in Chatham. It is the local ordinance.

  • Triathlon / Time Trial bicycles are prohibited except where explicitly allowed.

    • On group rides that do allow tri / tt bikes, those riders must remain a safe braking distance from the main group. No drafting or pacelining. You may pass slower riders to stay with the main group.


Be courteous:

  • To motor vehicle traffic.

  • To pedestrians.

  • To other cyclists.

  • Set a good example on the road while wearing the Hb colors!   Wave and smile, you’re on a bike ride!

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